My secret thoughts

I really hate to remember in past. I was like, yo Mr.scumbrain.. I know I love to thinking and analyze slowly, but this kind of annoying to get up at 5am and looking at the life, thinking that I do have bullshit life but then i remember everything i went in my path goes became a fate.

Feeling like I am having some wisey-thoughts but all I have is bullshit thoughts.

" yo nohemi, do you remember that night you fucked up in the new year? Yeah? LOL tell me when is that? 2009? Did you make out with someone? You remember? LOL I am here to embrassing you"

"Do you remember that park? LOL remember sad moments in there? FUNNY. I am great brain, that bring you a sad thoughts and process making you crying"

"LOL, I JUST DECIDE TO REMINDED YOU, REMEMBER YOUR BOYFRAND? Try remember the shirt the day he kissed you first time? REMEMBER THAT? Nothing, Just like to make you spend five mins of remembering his shirt color. It was black, right? Maybe it say Misfit on the black shirt. He might wore glasses. I REMEMBER AND YOU DON’T! This is now assumed"


Shut up, brain. I do have great photographic memoires. I DO.

But I do not need to be reminded everyday, every 24/7. 

You guys with no or lacking of photographic memories, HAVE NO CLUE how much suffer my memories taunts me and reminding me for no reason.

I am trying to moving on. 

No wonder, I worries so much, then I worried if I might have repeat the mistakes as before.


Let it be. I just need TO stop remember. Start worry about money and everything that litearlly eat my soul out currently than remembering in past.

I hate you, brain the scumbag.